Complete Guide on How to Start a Podcast Business

how to start a podcast business

Podcasting is the next wave in the digital world. So, if you are a business or freelancer, the article is for you. We have several other articles on a podcast but this one is going to be an end-to-end guide on how to start a podcast business.

What is podcasting?

Podcasting is a process where RSS is used to the computers of subscribed users for the distribution and preparation of audio files. These audio files are then uploaded to various media players like iPod. Podcasts are saved as MP3 files and uploaded to service providing websites. MP3 files have their personal URL which is inserted as enclosure inside XML tag of RSS XML. To include the podcasts in the directories, they are registered with content aggregators.

There are multiple ways on how to start a podcast business. And read to gain knowledge on how to do podcasting as well.

Importance of Podcasting in business or personal branding

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In podcasts, audio files are shared for the distribution of information on computers or other music equipment like MP3 players. Today, podcast as a content piece is highly popular and numerous folks like you want to know how to start a podcast business.

Share Relevant Business Information

Podcasting in India is very high in demand as it is helpful in business as it can help in various purposes like information sharing, company information or general information about the industry culture and other. And this is how most of the modern businesses rely on podcasting to reach to their target audience,

Market your products

If you ask about how to start a podcast business, you can get ideas on marketing your own product in podcasts for advertisements. You can get numerous benefits by marketing your products on the podcasting channels. You can even share your expertise in audio files to the industry on how to start a podcast business or any other field you think you can be a thought leader or preacher.

Make Money from Ads

Moreover, If you publish information on a regular basis, you can get income through it via ads and affiliate marketing. You can create a strong connection with the audience through your voice which will help you to establish your podcasting channel.

Create your Personal Brand

You can make your podcast a brand name also if you can establish your business well. Furthermore, production of the podcast is very easy. You don’t have even to spend much on your business. But you have to create high-quality content. You can also gain knowledge on how to do podcasting.

How to generate passive income through podcasting? Apps that provide Podcasting service

If you have your own podcast that is running well, then you can earn money in several ways and can help people who search about how to start a podcast business. You can promote product ads on your podcasts.

Become an Affiliate

You can use affiliate marketing links to your products. Or even if you have your own products and services, then also you can promote them in your podcasts. This can give you many profits through commissions.

Get Sponsorships

You can also earn money from sponsorships given to you channel when it is big enough to attract sponsors. There are limitless ways by which you can earn money through podcasting. After several years of experience, you will automatically find ways to earn money by promoting products on your podcasts.

  • Podcast Addict the Pocket cast was not free whereas if ads don’t bother you then Podcast addict is a very popular free podcasting app for android. You can search from a huge database of 450,000 podcasts. You can also easily apply filters to your search and search your favorite kind of contents only on podcasts. The app has also different cool features like the Android wear notifications, compatibility with chromecast, built-in audio effects. If you like the app, then you can donate some amount to its developers so that they get some push from you. Some people are eager to know how do podcast work, so we suggest just get started with such apps and know how podcast works in practical.


  • Player FM – You can download this app from play store. It is a progressive podcasting app which gives you access to thousands of podcasting contents. You can subscribe to it also and get premium features from it.

You can also hear podcasts with this app from your Amazon Echo smart voice-controlled personal assistants and your tablets. You can very easily apply filters to your search and search your favorite kind of contents only on podcasts. The app has also different cool features like the Android wear notifications, compatibility with chromecast, and many others. Its lowest subscription plan starts at only $0.99. If you want more exclusive features, then you can opt for pro plan with $3.99. With this plan, you will get full media backup, faster feed updates, personalized search, and much more features.

The Pocket cast is one of the most popular podcasting apps for both Android and IOS mobile devices. You can stream through 300,000 podcast contents from amateur as well as professional content creators, and if you generally subscribe to it, it will automatically download episodes for you. It will also keep your settings synchronized with other devices.

It is different from other podcasting apps. It is first of all on-demand internet radio service. Secondly, it is a great app for podcasts. You can listen to 100,000, podcasts on both of your android and IOS devices. You can also hear podcasts with this app from your Amazon Echo smart voice-controlled personal assistants and your tablets. The Stitcher app is integrated into various car models from different manufacturers which includes Ford, BMW, GM, Volvo, and many others. You can also get your personalized podcasts depending on your listening habits.

The app also has different cool features like the Android wear notifications, compatibility with chromecast, built-in audio effects. You can also hear podcasts with this app from your Amazon Echo smart voice-controlled personal assistants and your tablets. You can generally apply filters to your search and search your favorite kind of contents only on podcasts. You can also make it compatible with Android wear devices, chromecast, and many other devices so that you can enjoy podcasts on your phones as well. You will also get extra features if you buy a premium pack from play store.

How to Start Podcasting?

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Before starting your podcast, it is very important that you must commit to your job and have passion in it. It is very much fun to create, record and publishes your own products. If you want to create a large audience, then you should publish podcasts on a regular basis. Now the question comes, is podcast free for the audience?

The answer is Yes and Also No. In some apps,  your listeners need to buy app license or just enjoy the limited version of it.

What are the different podcasting equipment for beginners?

You will need some good equipment which will help in creating podcasts. There are different podcasting equipment for beginners.

  • Microphone

You will need high-quality microphones for your podcasting as the audience surely can understand the difference between high and low-quality You can use Audio-Technica AT2020s for your podcasting. First, you have to understand and determine what you want to use in your podcasting analog(XLR) or USB microphone, accordingly, you can search for the best microphone. If gaming headsets are also present, then you can use that too for podcasting.

  • Portable XLR recorder

You can use analog microphones for podcasting. You can capture multiple microphone channels by portable XLR recorder. You can buy this amazing equipment in the range $100 to $500. It depends on the number of channels you want in your podcast.

  • Audio Interface

The audio interface is needed if you want to record directly from your computer. You can plug in multiple analog mics which will convert analog sound to digital sound. This audio interface will be connected to your computer via USB. The price range of this devices ranges from $30 to as high as $300.

  • A computer 

 A computer of Windows or Mac will be required to edit, publish, record or upload your podcasts. But for every device, the right port is required to connect. Such as USB port is needed for any USB mic and for any analog mics XLR port is needed. For any audio interface, 3.5 mm jack is a must.

  • Audio Editing Software

A digital audio workstation or DAW is needed for actual editing and recording purposes. Professional DAW like Reason or Pro Tools cost about $300 to $900 in their licenses. Simple audio editing software like Hindenberg cost about $100. You can get Reaper at $60 which is a fully loaded audio software. Adobe’s audio editing software Audition CC costs $19.99 at a monthly subscription. But if you are new to the business, you must use Audacity which is a free open source program.

  • Pop filters  

To make your podcast sound Crystal clear, pop filters are cheaper options for you. It keeps plosives away from your recording and saves it from making a nasty sound. Even you can make your own pop filters as well.

Now for establishing your podcast business, you must follow some specific niche in your podcasting. There are numerous podcasts present. So it is possible that you will find podcasts about every topic you can find. So you have to choose any topic out of the old ones which you can make it a whole new topic just by spinning some words or ideas. You must choose your personal niche on which you will upload podcasts.

Few Epic Success Stories: Top 5 podcaster and their income

If you are a powerful preacher or speaker, then you can attract targeted customers and make yourself an established leader in podcasting. There are some of the podcasters whose success stories are discussed.

  • John Lee Dumas He runs Entrepreneur on Fire which is the topmost business in podcasting. In his channel, topmost entrepreneurs are interviewed from around the world. This business of EOFire gets an award for the best iTunes along with 1200+ interviews of inspiring entrepreneurs.

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  • Jaime TardyPodcast business named Eventual Millionaire is owned by Jaime Tardy. She is mainly an author as well as author the of a book with the same name. 250 multi-millionaires are interviewed been interviewed by her. In the first month of the release of her podcast, it had crossed 30,000 downloads.

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  • Tim Ferriss Tim Ferriss has developed unique podcast for himself and has become a successful podcaster. He has an amazing list of records, and he is called ‘world’s guinea pig’ by Newsweek. He is called ‘a cross between Jack Welch and a Buddhist monk’ by The New York Times.

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  • Pat Flynn Smart Passive Income blog and podcast is owned by Pat Flynn. In iTunes, it is the most top-ranked business. It is also featured in the New York Times.

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  • Amy Porterfield She is a strategist in social media. She is also a Facebook marketing expert and co-author of ‘Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies.’ She is very successful as an online entrepreneur. Online Marketing Made Easy is her podcast which crosses 100,000 downloads every month.

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Future of Podcasting

Mainstream media is hit by podcasts for some years, and many channels have evolved in this process. Now the radio and TV are also following this distribution process as this attracts a big audience.

Popular players in this field like NPR have already started this to reach a large audience. The podcast is gaining its popularity now. In the past, the podcast ads were recorded in the podcast itself directly but now, ads are inserted dynamically, and it accounts for 56% of spending in 2016.

It helps to switch ads from different slots even if it has published earlier. Podcast hosts also help in podcast delivery. 60% of the income from podcasts comes from the host-read ads. So the creators don’t have to follow the strict rules of the native ads. Another revenue source is the branded content. 27% of podcast and spends accounted for brand awareness ads and other contents. The podcast ads are much dependent on the popularity of the show. But for 1000 listeners, it is between $15 to $30. Sponsorship of the most popular shows costs a huge amount of a six-figure digit. The sponsorship of only a single episode costs almost thousand dollars for every minute. There are many concerns related to podcasts. The listener base of podcasts is very small though it is increasing day by day. There is a lack of quality contents also in the past as podcasts are made by amateurs. Though the quality is increasing as people are gaining experience and becoming an expert on this. But nowadays it is observed that if your content is of high quality, listeners will spend money on it.

Reader, this is a ready-reckoner for the world of the podcast and how to start podcast business. In case if you believe that we have missed on something important then please comment below, I’d love to hear your comments.

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