I never knew using Amazon Affiliate Program to make money was this easy!

Amazon affiliate program, amazon associates

Nowadays, making money online is quite an easy job and being a young professional, I was in quest of a website through which I could gain money as soon as possible.  As I had already wasted a lot of my previous salary and couldn’t save much, so I was looking for an easy alternative. Thanks to one of my friends, I came across a simpler yet a clever path of making money online in the form of an Amazon affiliated programme.

If you compare to today’s situation, it’s much easier to earn money now as compared to earlier times. The best part is you can earn money even by using the online medium in a very short span of time.  I was literally done with several jobs and wanted to sit back a bit so I decided to do something which was less of a headache and more profitable.

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Well, one day, I was browsing online to start freelancing jobs and that’s how I got to know about Amazon affiliated programme. This turned out to be the first online marketing programme, which has a user-friendly interface. I made out that it’s quite profitable to work with such a website because, with a business family background, I very well knew that anything that can make me money is when you make a sale or help somebody making a sale. Moreover, I read a lot of success stories aroundAmazon affiliated programme and realized it’s the one thing that can help me make my life better and For a fact, it did help me a lot later so the basic steps which helped me to gain money through Amazon Affiliated Programme are:

  • Amazon Associates:

It is a mode which has more than a 12-year track record of solving the solution in the best way possible. Being an owner myself, this platform helped me to gain money by advertising many new products coming in from Amazon.com and it’s a user-friendly platform too. When I created a link and bought products from Amazon, it gave me an opportunity of earning referral fees. The products which were available were 100% genuine and gave me an advantage of earning referrals too coupled with great offers.

  • Amazon Affiliate:

You might be wondering how this affiliated programme would actually work because this question did pop up in my mind too but the answer according to me would be: it’s an easy job to do.

Well, it is basically the arrangements in which an online website post links to the merchant site and are paid accordingly. Adding to this, they have a separate login page where you can fill up your details. Even if you are a single blogger or an active participant of social media, they would provide you with simple linking tools that would make your work easier and your life better.

It would help you to meet your needs and goals at the end. The basic way which I opted was that I created a link and got a prospect of earning referral fees every time any customer used to buy any product through Amazon using that link. This provided a special link to all the users who are willing to avail the product.

The best part of using Amazon Affiliate Programme is that it’s free of cost and doesn’t charge you even a penny to kick off with the programme. It’s the best platform I went for 3 years back and still rolling because whatever you are going to buy or avail for, you would be satisfied with it.

amazon affiliate program, amazon associates

If you use a regular affiliated link, the cookie available to you will just remain valid for 24 hours. However, if you create a special link that can automatically add the product to anybody’s Amazon cart when the customers go through your link, this cookie would be available to that user and for you till the period of 90 days.

  • Affiliated Marketing Amazon:

The good news is Amazon associated program has allowed its members to earn a commission. The percentage varies by categories but it is usually on the order of 5%. The basic and easy steps of how I started my affiliate marketing business were:

  • Firstly, I was asked to go for a preferred niche that could interest me for long.
  • Secondly, it’s important to have decent information about the different affiliated programs as well as the associated products.
  • Thirdly, it’s required to build a good social media presence that could attract the human eye. Since it is your business, so you need to be creative and passionate about it and you need to ensure that the niche must be capable enough to build a 50-60 pages website around it.
  • Fourthly, content is the key. One must produce problem-solving content which would be worth reading to keep our audiences intact and growing.
  • Fifthly, it is important to build a good audience for your website.
  • Sixthly, ways to promote your affiliated products should be unique and 100% genuine.
  • Last but not the least; it’s very important to keep doing the 4th to 7th steps again and again for a long-term benefit.

If you are thinking about the profit one generally manages to make out of this program, well, this is something even I didn’t expect initially. I was actually dazed when I started this plan and I still remember that I was able to earn up to $1000 on the very first day, keeping all the points I mentioned above.


When it comes to making money online, you would have several options but it’s always better to go with the most preferred one. Like in my case, I availed for Amazon affiliated programme because of following reasons:

  • They are easy to start and user-friendly.
  • They have a clear path of earning profits pretty soon.
  • It allows you to gain income from the other products as it is affiliated with Amazon. You can also earn through the promotions side by side so it’s nothing less than a win-win affair for all.
  • Amazon is among the most celebrated e-commerce websites worldwide and that’s one major reason I chose this particular platform.
  • Reviewing the post can generate good traffic too. For instance, whoever goes through your affiliate products with the links you share, it would make it popular to the human eye and would also boost the traffic.
  • If you choose the right niche, it would be a profitable investment for the long run too.

The top best sites which I refer to be worth investing are as follows:

1)        ThisiswhyImbroke.com

2)        Consumersearch.com

3)        Giftideageek.com

4)        Thewirecutter.com

5)        Thesweethome.com

6)        Gearpatrol.com

7)        Dogfoodadvisor.com

8)        BabyGearlab.com

Well, it’s always important to have a good hold of the background of any website. This is not just profitable but time-saving too. So, what are you waiting for? Kindly avail and know the proper benefits and monetary funds not just for now but for a long-term stamped with 100% guarantee and surety.


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