Top Four Ways How Snapchat Strategy Nails Your B2B Marketing

Snapchat Strategy

Top Four Ways How Snapchat Strategy Nails Your B2B Marketing

Snapchat advertising strategy has evolved as one of the powerful marketing tools today. Basically, the platform has two faces. Firstly, the face which is meant for public content, basically the messaging part of it and second, the face which features the “My Story” option of the app. Moreover, the addition of video adds zest to your Snapchat Strategy through storytelling feature. Today, B2B markers consider storytelling as one of the compelling ways to position their brand in the industry.

B2B are quite resilient Snapchat Strategy- This is what is stopping them!

For a fact, most of the user base for Snapchat lies in between the age bracket of 25 and younger, Hence, the B2B marketers percept the platform as silly and incapable to propagate the brand voice in B2B realm. Most of the B2B marketers even feel that Snapchat is quite new to the digital world and the learning curve may compel their marketing workforce to learn new things which may lead to experimental failures.

But certain open-minded businesses too have realized Snapchat as one of their prominent marketing tools. Therefore, here are certain statistics that will help you take the right decision.

  • 22% of ad executives, both B2C and B2B use Snapchat advertising this year – some of these may well be your competition.
  • Snapchat ads are viewed by visitors as 1 million times per day.
  • More than 60% of smartphone users are on snapchat

Therefore, it’s high time to think out of the box and leverage the most contemporary snapshot in your marketing strategies. Let us have quick look on some of the tactics to use the power of snapchat in your B2B operations.

Great Storytelling Fosters to Great Business

It is one of the strategies that put snapchat into the limelight today. Recently, prominent B2B firms have a started to use the concept of storytelling on TV spots, social media pages, and websites.

snapchat startegy for business, storytelling for business

Storytelling is one of the most powerful strategies for marketing products and services in B2B realm. Top B2B enterprises use storytelling as one of the primary tools in television spots, social media pages, and websites. Generally, brands build stories to build connect with their prospects to tell about their products and innovations.

Companies either use still photos, videos or a combination of both to tell stories. You can tag or plug prospects, partners, and influencers on social media to send the story across the masses.

We All Love Incentives!

Snapchat can be a platform to announce rewards and freebies especially with a sense of urgency by only keeping an offering open for a stipulated period of time. Let’s say, for example, you have B2B firm and sell software products and you declare a huge discount on your new product only for the next 24 Hours. And the way to avail the offer is to take a screenshot of the ad and submit it on Snapchat.

However, your modus operandi to drive traffic on to the Snapchat ad can be multifold but your primary and long-term goal will be two improve on Snapchat following so that you can tell your stories to a potentially larger group of social media audience in future.

It is all About a Smiling Customer!

Never forget that social media is all about interest, not the intent. So make sure that you brand engagement on Snapchat has to be quite amusing. Snapchat strategy, of course, can never replace your website, blog, or other marketing collateral but for sure it can be a strong avenue of respite and engagement for your customers or visitors. And for a fact, such an approach makes you look more human, gone are the days of pushy and jargonistic selling techniques. Today, young prospects and professionals appreciate the fun and informal approach.

Business is all About of Relationship!

Relationship plays a pivotal role in closing a purchase. Numerous surveys reveal that most buying decisions are taken with emotions, not with information. And B2B companies should establish such relationships with their prospects and customers. The facts are that it is only a human on the other side who takes a call in buying your products so relationship plays a significant role in successful marketing.

Snapchat is one of the most lucrative platforms to build relationships through stories, especially when businesses humanize their messages. For this, you may ask your millennial staff members to share pictures and videos to build stories to touch millennials in target companies.

Snapchat gives you immense ways to be creative especially when there is an occasion to greet customers at festivals. Snapchat somewhat caters to the employee advocacy strategies, especially millennial staff members who love to participate in creative social media platform like Snapchat. Snapchat is one of the tools that is growing astronomically for a couple of years so it’s high time for every B2B marketer to start leveraging Snapchat and add zest to their upcoming marketing strategies.

Here’s an amazing way how you can quickly tell a story in buisness.

Readers, this is just one aspect of storytelling, please comment below and let us know your thoughts. If you think that I have missed on something importnat , then please comment below.

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