The Hidden Secrets on How to Earn Money from Blogs

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For sure it is possible to make money through blogging you start by making a few dollars and eventually, with time you will be making large sums of money. Therefore, as a beginner in blogging is persistent, and finally, you will make a living out of blogging which will assist in sustaining your life as it serves as a part-time job. You require to have a blog which can ultimately change your life and it can end up being a fulltime source of income to you. Even though you may not start by making large sums of money be persistent and eventually you will get more earning.

How to earn money from blogging?

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It is a frequently asked question by many people so to answer the question these are the necessary steps which most successful bloggers who make a living go through.

Come up with a Blog

For you to earn money first you need to come up with a blog. Although it is easy to start a blog, it requires a lot of knowledge to handle a blog. So many pro bloggers get disappointed as they don’t possess sufficient technical background to run a blog. But as you persist with blogging, you will eventually make a living out of it.

Create Credible Content

A blog lacks its worth if it lacks the right content. What you choose to create is determined by what you write about.  Hence make it substantial as possible.

Build your blog and look for Readers.

As you look for the best content make sure you spend your time planning how you will build your blog. Also, it is a noble idea to promote your blog and experiment it with your blog’s audience. Make sure not to focus on traffic but readers of your blog. You can make an avatar for your readers which will assist you to work out and attract many readers which will increase your earning.

Build engagements with your blog readers.

After focusing on creating great content and coming in touch with readers for your blog start engaging with the readers. It will assist in building a community between them and be active in responding to their comments and do everything possible to make them productive in your blog.

Start Making money from the readership you get

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The first four steps are the key pillars in building a lasting income from your blog. Then you are now ready to start making money but make sure you have as many readers as possible, and eventually, your revenue will increase as time goes. This will assist you to earn from blogs and finally, you will have something to celebrate.

Here in India, there are different ways you can make money through blogging, and they include the following.

Google AdSense

It is the most appropriate way to monetize a blog. It can give you a lot of money when your blog starts getting a lot of traffic. Many people in India have made a lot of money through it. You need to place your GA adds wisely. This will give you more clicks as more clicks will assist you to get more money.

The Banners Ads

You can also engage in banner ads and make money. Make use of buy and sell ads which you can post on your blog. If your blog happens to be receiving more traffic, you will get many opportunities of people placing ads on your blog site which will assist you in getting more income.

The Blog Services

If you have a command in English, you can sell your writing skills, logo services on your blog and make money. The advantage of this is you don’t need huge traffic to make more money. You just require to have quality exposure from well-informed people.

Affiliating marketing

You are required to have some skills so that you sell other products on your site. You need to be patient so that you can make more money here.

Selling your products

If nothing works, you can sell your products. They can range from the eBooks, plugins etc. It requires a person who is dedicated and well skilled which assist you to maximize your revenue.

Finally, here are the blogging topics which make money.


As a craft blogger, you can fuel the creativity of other people and get a lot of income.  A good example is Ashleigh of Sewrella who made a lot of money from her sewing blog.

Parenting Blog

It is a universal blog and is dedicated to children. You can use ads, and products advertising to make money.


It involves the universal topics like the common diseases affecting people where many people like to know about them which assist in becoming very profitable blogs.

In conclusion blogging with no doubt is a source of income for many people globally, so everyone is welcome to invest in this sector.

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