What is Drop shipping? and 10 Must-Know Drop Shippers in India

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What is Dropshipping?

If you’re reading the article then certainly drop shipping is not a new thing for you. However, you will also find myths on what is drop shipping?. Let’s begin with the general terms. We listen to many individuals who express their specific interests revolving around drop shipping.
Drop shipping is a shipping methodology taken care by authentic whole sellers, distributors or manufacturers where the actual e-Commerce store does not stock the products it sells. That means, when the e-Commerce store receives an order, it purchases the product from the whole seller and get it shipped directly to the customer.
Most of you desire to start an around drop shipping. This is certainly not an easy task. It is truly realized that dropshipping is just not a model rather an eco-system that includes multiple dealers that utilizing drop ship vendors.

Drop shipping is a service provided by bulk suppliers. Whenever your network with wholesaler/retailer who provides drop Shipping, you don’t have to be concerned about inventory, stocking or shipment merchandise. Instead, whenever you get an order from the customer, you get in touch with your wholesaler, and they will deliver it to your consumer for you.

This indicates that like a merchant, it sells a wide variety of merchandise without taking the responsibility of any stock inventory. This will make the drop shipping very attractive business idea for multiple small and mid-scale entrepreneurs looking ahead to start the internet-based business from the comfort of their homes. There are many drop shippers in India.

How do drop shippers work in India?


Irrespective of what your strategy is to market the products on the web (Flipkart, Amazon are some of the best dropshipping sites).

Most individuals who are beginning their very first online company via online e-commerce stores lack funds to purchase space to stock inventory and hold the merchandise, in such cases; they would like to sell on best drop shipping sites. This is where functioning with a real Dropshipper helps you to save a great deal of cash.

Mentioned previously, genuine drop shippers in India are primarily the certified wholesaler/retailer who provides drop shipping. It’s not that all the wholesalers offer you drop shipping. The truth is that it’s quite challenging to find authentic, authorized Wholesalers that will drop ship and do the job with online retailers.

For online dealers, doing work with a drop shipper in India is very simple. You will have to find the right drop shipper who has the products that you would like to market and sell.

The drop shippers will be providing the product marketing collaterals such as images and description that you need to publish on your e-Commerce store where you intend to sell online. Whenever a consumer purchases an item from your e-Commerce store, after this place the same order of the product to the wholesaler and they will deliver it to your client.

How To Start Dropshipping

Step 1: Selecting a Drop shipping Market

Selecting a market is the very first step to beginning to start a drop shipping business. The increasing reputation of drop shipping indicates it’s getting tougher to find markets that are not already captured. However, new items and markets are appearing weekly, so the possibilities are nearly countless.

Here are several suggestions to assist you to pick drop shippers in India

Where is your experience?

First of all, introspect and utilize your interests. In case you like a vacation or outdoor trekking, you’re likely to have a distinctive understanding of the similar offerings and demand in those market segments.

Find out your own problem

It is old-school entrepreneurial tips. The idea is, in case you have an issue in your daily life then it’s extremely probably that other people may have the same. In case you can determine item that resolves that issue, you may have discovered an excellent drop shipping market.

Spy on your competitors

Find out what your competitors are selling. Check if their products are lucrative and not so competitive. You need to very keen on performing the market research.

Check the profitability aspect

The goal of business would be to make cash, correct? For that reason, you have to check the earning.

Step 2: Find dropshipping suppliers

For several ambitious drop shippers in India, finding a reliable drop shipping supplier is the tough ordeal of establishing a company with drop shippers in India.

You depend on suppliers to maintain your item in stock and get updates on the stocks, to ensure product quality, and check if the guarantee assurance is promptly delivered to your clients. Being a drop shipper, your supplier is your most essential business companion.

Things to check before you select the right drop shipping supplier

Connect with a drop shipper

Not all whole sellers or supplier work as best drop shipping sites. Many are merely just wholesalers or suppliers. Before making a call, be sure the supplier is a drop shipper.

Gain knowledge

Find a dealer who has adequate expertise with drop shipping. Suppliers or dealers have a lot of duty with drop shipping, therefore, you wish to be certain that you may trust them always.


Ensure that the drop shipper does not overcharge you. At the end of the day, you need to ensure that your customer gets a cost-effective product.

Offer fast shipping

Many drop ship suppliers are from in China. Therefore, you can’t expect immediate shipping. Nevertheless, you do desire to make certain your clients can get their products as fast as probable.

Possess quality items and high-quality product images:

You must always demand product trials to test ahead of assigning to a supplier.

Offer recommendations on demand

A great supplier must willingly link you to multiple other drop shipping companies in India that may confirm their support.

How to find reliable drop shippers in India?

drop shippers in India

There are two methods to locate good drop shippers in India. You may either lookup online personally or make use of a commercial directory website.

Step 3: Have a Sales Taxation ID

If you’re planning to establish your company as drop shippers in India, then you must require a sales tax ID (also retail or reseller’s permit, tax ID, resell number, resale certification or vendor’s license).

Sales tax is a charge accessed on most sales of actual goods to customers and is generally regarding 6%-9% of the sale price.

Step 4: How to Choose Drop shipping platforms

So you have selected item, and you’ve arranged a supplier – you now require a spot to start marketing and making money.

Selecting the right marketing platform or online drop shippers in India is vital.

Drop shipping companies in India along with best drop shipping sites
1. Flipkart
2. Amazon
3. Myntra
4. Shopclues
5. Paytm

Since India is marvelously excelling in the digital world and a large part of the population indulges in online shopping, drop shipping has had excellent prospects in this country. Let us find out the top ten drop shipping companies in India
• Indiamart
• Hothaat
• TradeIndia
• Shopify
• ExportersIndia
• Wholesale7
• Pintrove
• Udghatan
• Chinabrands
Drop shipping can be an enjoyable and profitable experience provided the user researches and connects with a reputed company offering products at a reasonable price. We must always select a drop-shipper that is reputed to do as to avoid the risks of fraudulent acts. Good drop shipping companies in India must also provide warranties, a reasonable return policy. It is also important to lay out proper policies to avoid complications in the future.
Some of the advantages exhibited by the drop shipping companies in India are such that:

• They save our time and money as we do not need to find the products or manage and pay for the warehouse to collect the products.

• One of the best benefits of drop shipping service is that with a low-cost investment any seller can set up a store online and initiate a business for the customers to buy goods.

• There are no specific workplaces and we can start our business from anywhere with just a good internet connection, a cordial relationship with the supplier and transparent communication with our clients.

Drop shipping companies in India are an excellent solution for the new e-commerce set up and sellers can gain extraordinary profits from it.

Drop shipping is a new way of conducting business in the recent times where a person does not need to invest any money in stocks. All they do is transfer customer orders details to either the manufacturer or another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to their customer base and generate income out of it.
Readers, this is a handbook for the drop shipping business in the Indian market. In case if you believe that we have missed on something important then please comment below, I’d love to hear your comments.

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